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All Products manufactured or embellished by GlitterTees are done so by hand and each piece is unique unto itself. No two (2) pieces are identical.
We strive to acheive perfection when producing custom goods and use our discretion when doing so. Artwork produced by GlitterTees is the property
of GlitterTees and can not be used by customer or other manufacturers without permission of GlitterTees. Customers' logo's are their property and
Glittertees will in no way reproduce customers' artwork for any orders other than the customer's order.
GlitterTees is in no way affiliated with, licensed by or owned by the NFL, NBA, MLB or any professional, semi-professional or collegiate associations.
Those who order custom printed work on this site or from GlitterTees does so of their own free will. The person(s) who places orders using a Players'
name, number and/or team logo declares that they are authorized to do so by said "Athlete", "Athlete Representative" and/or Team Representative.
They also declare that orders using team logo(s) or a derivitive thereof are for personal use only. Should customer desire to place order for resale
then they need to use original artwork or have a 'Release" from owner of artwork.

Distributor/Wholesale Catalogs

All apparel in these catalogos are for
orders only unless otherwise listed in our e-store.

To get pricing for apparel or goods please select Style # of piece,
colors and sizes you need and submit to GlitterTees.

  • Catalog #1 General | Major Brands click here
  • Catalog #2 Boxercraft Brand #1 Spirit Wear Distributor for girls & boys: click here
Need to see the colors of glitter print available? Click here

Artwork Guide

We provide FREE artwork with paid orders.
If you provide your own logo or artwork for
printing please follow the guide below.

We can replicate customer provided art and try
to get as close as possible when needed.

Artwork minumum: 300 dpi resolution
Clean lines
Refer to examples below

If you would like to send artwork over prior to ordering please send to and we'll be happy to take a look and make sure
it works.